Condominiums, offices, hotels and residential properties are constantly under construction or renovation in South Florida.  The work performed on those projects is frequently dangerous, and sometimes “ultrahazardous,” however—and, unfortunately, it often leads to injuries or deaths.  When accidents occur, numerous parties are potentially liable, including property owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.  The attorneys at Wallen Kelley have litigated, tried to verdict, and argued appeals in construction accident cases on behalf of a diverse group of clients.

Due to the number of construction projects in South Florida, construction defect claims are also a fact of life.  The attorneys at Wallen Kelley have represented homeowners, homeowners associations, contractors, and insurers in a host of construction defect disputes.  Because we have experience representing both sides in these disputes, we understand how to approach them from all angles.  Our team of talented attorneys stands apart in terms of experience, expertise and efficiency.

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